Healing for

Trauma & PTSD

Adjustment Issues

Sexual Abuse



Eating Disorders

Grief & Loss

Relationship Conflicts

Challenging Life-Cycle Passages


Domestic Violence


Natural Disasters

Family Dysfunction





Adolescent Behavioral Acting Out


Social Phobia

Feelings of Inadequacy

Parent-Teen Power Struggles

Peer Conflicts



Identity Issues

Excessive Shame and Guilt

Lack of Motivation
















for healing & change


Strength Based Solutions

With Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, people find that change just happens and healing occurs on many levels rapidly and effortlessly. They are able to take the experience in the arena and apply it to their lives without the typical sort of resistance that often occurs with traditional therapy.

By helping adults and teens harness the strengths they already have, the facilitators and horses often provided life changing experiences for people in one or two sessions.

We believe that healing and change are possible and horses served to reinforce that time and time again.

Clients that joined us in the arena experienced firsthand having Horsepower for Healing.

Visit the main website at Veritas Counseling Center, LLC to learn more about how this type of alternative therapy was available in Phoenix, Arizona.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, often referred to as horse therapy in the general population, has become very popular all over the world in both outpatient and residential settings.

Healing With Horsepower was one program in Phoenix, Arizona at Veritas Counseling Center, LLC that offered adjunctive equine assisted sessions for persons involved in traditional in-office therapy. Therapy sessions in the arena with horses were available to individuals, couples, and families, and sometimes also offered in group therapy sessions at retreats, workshops, and other settings. The program ended with COVID-19 in 2020 due to safety precautions as many of the exercises did not allow for the necessary social distancing and sessions in the arena were stopped.

Equine Assisted Healing Services were offered to veterans and their families in a special program developed in cooperation with the former President of Horse Lover's Park in Phoenix. The program was designed to help veterans adjust to returning home and come to terms with any emotional trauma, grief and loss that they carried as a result of serving our country. We were honored to be able to offer this alternative type of healing experience for returning veterans and their families.

Leadership and development seminars and personal growth opportunites were also available through the separate Equine Assisted Learning program.

Professional Facilitators

Both the therapist and the equine professional were certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Equine Assisted Learning and the horses were carefully chosen to assist in the therapeutic experience.

Together, they helped people move beyond repetitive patterns and quickly learn new behaviors that they could apply immediately in their lives. When people are stuck in traditional in-office therapy, a session in the arena can break through the barriers that keep them from moving forward.

Results of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

While results vary with each person, most of the people achieved at least one of the following in just one or two sessions in the arena.